Looking to produce a beautiful commemorative book that celebrates the anniversary of your church, or your municipality, or a book or magazine that promotes your company? Or maybe you run a restaurant and want to finally publish a book of your favorite recipes. Exit Zero Publishing has produced more than 30 books since we launched our company 10 years ago, working with everyone from corporate companies to high schools and individuals.

Although there ARE self-publishing options available online, they tend to take an unsophisticated, cookie cutter approach. At Exit Zero, we use our skills and experience to produce what we like to call world-class publications at small town prices.

Editor/Publisher Jack Wright has worked at the very highest level of magazine editing and design in both the UK and US for nearly 25 years – his ability to produce high quality books from soup to nuts enables Exit Zero to keep the costs down, which means we can deliver a publication that surpasses your expectations without busting your budget.

The costs of producing a book or magazine vary greatly, depending on whether it’s full-color or black and white, how many pages there are, the kind of paper used, and, of course, the print run. We will be happy to provide you with a wide variety of options so that you can decide what works best for you and/or your company.

And if your book needs a writer and a photographer, we can handle that, too.

We realize that, to most folks, publishing a book is an intimidating prospect. Call or email us for more information and we’ll talk you for a no-obligation walk through the process.


Lucky Bones Cookbook
The Dream That Wouldn't Die

20,000 copies of this magazine are distributed to guests of Cape Resort Group’s four properties in Cape May, NJ. The magazine recommends the best activities and amenities for the company’s guests during their Cape May vacation. As well as producing, designing and printing the magazine, we also provide all of the writing, and commission the photography in conjunction with the company.

Since opening in 2006, Lucky Bones Backwater Grille has become one of the most popular restaurants in Cape May, NJ, which The New York Times described as “the restaurant capital of New Jersey.” In 2011, the restaurant hired Exit Zero to produce a recipe book that reflected the energetic vibe of the restaurant. We worked with two brilliant artists, photographer Maciek Nabrdalik and painter Victor Grasso whose work enabled us to produce a book that felt refreshing and edgy. Our writer Diane Stopyra did a great job in compiling the recipes and, most importantly, the stories. Five thousand copies of the book were printed, and it has proven to be a local best-seller.

We were hired by a company in Scotland to produce a book that highlighted the 50-year battle that Prestwick Airport has fought to remain an important transportation hub. Three thousand copies of the book were produced.

The Chalfonte
Driven to Excellence
1712-2012: First Baptist Church of Cape May

We were approached by the former owners of The Chalfonte, a beloved hotel in Cape May, NJ, who wanted us to produce a commemorative book that lovingly told the story of the old hotel. We worked with writer Karen Fox, who also gathered a rich stock of archival photographs and documents, which enabled us to produce a beautiful book that does the old building justice. We printed 3,000 copies.

The Skutt Catholic high school in Omaha, Nebraska is rightly proud of its wrestling program, which took only five years from the moment the school opened, in 1993, to become state champions, a title they would hold for 13 consecutive years. But along the way, the program had to deal with a wrenching series of tragedies. The school chose award-winning wrestling writer Craig Sesker to tell their story and asked us to produce a book that both celebrated and commemorated the program and its luminaries.

Committee members of the First Baptist Church initially expected their 300th anniversary book to be a fairly humble affair – black and white, a few old photographs here and there. But after seeing our previous work and chatting with us about the options, they chose to go for a hardcover, full-color book with a print run of 1,500 copies.

River Run to the Sea
Wrestlers at the Trials

Artist David Clemans has been painting, and photographing, his beloved South Jersey for six decades. He came to us because he wanted to capture that lifetime of work in a book that would provide a fitting legacy of his work, and also act as a love letter to his favorite place in the world. We printed 2,000 copies of the book.

This was the first wrestling book we ever produced. We were approached by Jamie Moffatt, who had previously written a book about wrestling, though this was a book he had been conceiving for many years – the remarkable story of the men who gave everything in their attempts to get on the US Olympic wrestling teams, between the years 1960 and 1988. We took Jamie’s superbly reported story and merged it with old newspaper clippings and archival photographs and produced a book that won the 2007 Publication of the Year award from the National Wrestling Media Association. We went on to publish two more wrestling books by Moffatt which were acclaimed for their overall design, as well as the writing and this in turn led to us producing two more wrestling books for two acclaimed high school programs – Blair Academy in Blairstown, New Jersey, and Skutt Catholic in Omaha, Nebraska.